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Sunburst gives you ultimate control of light, temperature, noise and privacy, with the most durable & beautiful plantation shutters you can own. If you’re in the market for window coverings, see why more people are selecting shutters over draperies, blinds, or shades. Shutters last longer, look better, resist weather better, clean easier and add more value to your home than any other window covering.

Sunburst Shutters are America’s favorite! Learn why more homeowners and interior designers request our shutters over any other.

You can’t find a more beautiful window treatment than a Sunburst Shutter… You’ll love the way they look in your home! They’ll instantly transform the style of your home. Unlike any other window treatment, Sunburst’s Polywood®, Ovation™, or Monte Bello™ shutters compliment any décor and establish a look that blends with every design style from traditional to contemporary.

Sunburst's interior plantation shutters actually increase your home’s value. If you’re thinking of refinancing or selling, appraisers will often increase your estimated home value when you have Polywood, Ovation or Monte Bello shutters.

No other window treatment or shutter looks better or lasts longer than Sunburst’s Polywood shutters. Unlike vinyl plantation shutters, Polywood shutters are engineered to be the finest shutter on the market with a material and finish that will outlast your home.

Sunburst shutters are built to withstand dramatic temperatures, humidity, light, and normal use over long periods of time. Our material, finish, and manufacturing methods ensure that Polywood shutters will look as perfect in 10 years as they do on the day you bought them. Polywood shutters have a lifetime guarantee against defects and workmanship. Our Monte Bello shutters are a top quality entry level product, built to last and with a 10 year warranty against defects and workmanship. Our Ovation shutters are among the finest wood shutters on the market, featuring solid wood parts with a premium finish. They come with a 2 year warranty on workmanship.

Sunburst shutters are engineered to perform perfectly for life. They are easy to clean—just dust them like furniture or wipe smudges with a damp cloth. They’ll look beautiful in your home, day after day.

The Polywood Shutter Insulating System has been built with energy conservation in mind. The shutters feature our exclusive flexible flap on each stile (vertical section) to help block out more temperature and light than any other shutter. Polywood’s paint finish is UV coated for ultimate protection from the elements. In independent tests, Polywood was proven to be up to 70% more energy efficient than wood shutters and nearly 1600% more energy efficient than aluminum mini-blinds. Polywood shutters are more energy efficient than both wood and faux plantation shutters.